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Hemingworth Palette


  Eggshell Pure White Snowflake Marshmallow Silver Lining  
Soft Sunlight Cornsilk Almond Cream Yellow Plumeria Lemon Drop Dried Banana Maize
Lemon Citrus Daffodil Canary Yellow Dandelion Sunflower Sunshine Yellow Sun
Macadamia Buttercup Honey Butter   Ginger Root Goldenrod Butternut

  Pale Caramel Butter Taffy Old Gold  
Cantaloupe   Orange
Peach Pastel Peaches 'n
Baby Peach   Whipped Papaya Spun Silk Frosted Peach
Petal Peach Georgia Peach Apricot Dream   Coral Reef Salmon Dark Salmon
  Tangerine Orange Slice Marigold Citrus Burst Carrot  
  Dark Mango Fiery Sunset Hunter Orange Fall Harvest Paprika  
  Pistachio Nut Spring Leaf Kiwi Lime Cornsilk Green Lemony Lime  
Split Pea Light Avocado Avocado Seaweed Sahara Olive Green Jungle Green
  Dusty Green Leafy Green   Kentucky Grass Bush Ivy  
Key Lime Electric Green Green Apple   Kelly Green Meadow Grassy Green
Dark Kelly Green Christmas Green Ivy Forrest Green Forrest Glen Evergreen Mtn.  Meadow
  Dark Sage Dried Sage Parsley Thyme Oregano  
  Ocean Spray Sea Foam Cucumber Melon Minty Teal Light Jade  
Jade Dark Jade Caribbean Peacock Green Holly Leaf Winter Pine Deep Sea
  Wintergreen Mint Green Dark Teal Deep Teal Dragonfly  
Ice Blue Pale Blue Winter Sky Winter Blue Country Blue Cornflower Blue Sky Blue
Icicle Blue Crystal Lake Frosty Blue Caribbean Blue Light Teal Blue Blue Lagoon Navajo
Summer Sky Iceberg Blue Turquoise   Medium Aquamarine Dark Aquamarine Peacock Blue
  Teal Blue Blue Satin   Dark Turquoise Nautical Blue  
Misty Blue China Blue Hyacinth Lt Slate Blue Bluebird Smoky Blue Sailor Blue
Deep Blue True Blue Berry Blue Azure Royal Blue Brilliant Blue Dark Blue
Deep Slate Blue Pacific Waters Blue Steel Salem Blue Dk Slate Blue Dark Blueberry Navy
Moonlight Pale Orchid Orchid   Tulip Freesia Lilac
Peony Fuchsia Dark Fuchsia   Wild Plum Grape Jelly Royal Purple
  Light Mauve Dusty Mauve Dark Mauve Deep Orchid Eggplant  
  Heather Lavender Pure Purple Dark Purple Huckleberry  
Periwinkle Purple Iris Moon Shadow Soft Grape Electric
Indigo Grape
  Baby Pink Whisper Pink Soft Petal Pink Pearl Gentle Blush  
Sweet Pea Valentine Pink English Rose   Rose Sunset Dusty Rose Winter Rose
Rosy Blush Pink Kiss Bubblegum Pink Carnation Azalea Primrose Passion Pink
  Very Berry Raspberry   Magenta Mulled Wine  
  Loganberry Cranberry   Mullberry Merlot  
Candy Apple Christmas Red Pomegranate Cardinal Red Rummy Raisin Rusty Red Raspberry Red
Ecru Antique Lace Malt   Champagne Soft Beige Old Lace
Sandy Shore Cream Soda Conch Shell Pumpkin Spice New Penny Toasted Almond Caramel
  Apple Cider Lt Cinnamon Cinnamon Rust Indian
Pecan Pie Brown Sugar Autumn Haystack   Army Green Pharaoh
Coconut Shell
Old Penny Teddybear Brown Auburn   Burnt Sienna Cherrywood Redwood
Lt Chestnut Mocha Weathered
Dark Alder Warm Earth Deep
Dk. Chocolate
  Dove Gray Storm Cloud Platinum Iron Ore Mercury  
  Chrome Antique Silver Silver Green Silver Gray Sea Storm  
Antique Gray Granite Misty Blue Gray Pewter Gray Bronzed
Graphite Lt Charcoal
  Shadow Dark Slate Charcoal Black Stallion Classic Black  
Vari Yellow Vari Green Vari Pink Vari Purple Vari Blue Vari Brown
Please note Pure White is part of the Neon ThreadSet.
Neon Yellow Mango Tropical Orange Neon Orange Lemon Ice Brilliant
Neon Green
Rebel Peach Shy Flamingo Neon Pink Neon Peach
***Please note-Metallic thread is $8.50/ 700 m. spool.
  Silver Pewter Copper Dark Gold LightGold  
Blue Topaz Aquamarine Rose Quartz Ruby Emerald Sapphire Amethyst



a word about Hemingworth Embroidery Thread

In the past 18 years, I have used virtually every embroidery thread on the market, and this thread is different. As a digitizer, Hemingworth sent me a sample spool to try. Hemingworth thread had my attention from the first time I used it! No more fighting with thread nets, no more spools unraveling and tangling. It is enough that I experienced very rare breakage, but once I realized how functional the protective packaging is, I ordered the large 3 drawer caddy. I simply love this thread and will never buy another brand. You can get cheaper thread, but you can't get better embroidery thread. The colors are luscious and the wide selection guarantees unlimited dimension in your embroidery.  I have learned with my Anemone quilting designs that changing the colors and background fabric gives infinite possibilities for any given embroidery design.
I am hooked on Hemingworth!

I also have pre-loaded bobbins, stabilizer, and other items like the exciting thread caddies available, to make your sewing time hassle free and enjoyable. Sign up for my newsletter in order to be included in upcoming specials. You've tried the rest--now TRY THE BEST! 

Watch the instructional video from Hemingworth:


Some features of Hemingworth Polyselect thread:

1. Protective cap preserves thread quality by blocking dust, oil and other harmful elements.

2. Removable stopper traps thread, preventing unraveling and tangling during storage.

3. Protective cap delivers thread smoothly off the spool during embroidery --decreasing both snagging and thread breaks.

4. Strong, vibrant, colorfast polyester embroidery thread is available in a large variety of colors.

5. Spool can be positioned horizontally or vertically with a smooth feed every time.

6. Spools are 40 wt and 1000 M ($5.95 ea), except for metallics which are 700 M ($8.50 ea).

7. Check the Hemingworth site to import their thread colors into your embroidery software.


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  • Designs by email-Designs can be sent by email instead.  See Classified Ad. You will receive a copyright statement email first, which
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  • International: Please contact me for shipping charges outside the US.
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  • Thanks for looking, and have fun sewing!

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